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Free Shipping on Orders of $200 or more

Simply click the Make Shipping Label Button once you choose to accept any order.

If for some reason you have a problem with the shipping label you may ship your clubs to us at the following address;
3537 Cliff View Loop
Weatherford, Tx., 76087

After receiving your clubs we will inspect them for accuracy. If clubs are not as described we will contact you about adjustments.

100% Safe with No Hassles
At Sell-A-Club we offer fast cash, not store credit or gift certificates!

How To Pack Your Clubs

Protect Your Clubs
If clubs are lost or damaged in shipment due to poor packaging, we are not responsible. Please take you time to pack everything nicely so that clubs arrive safely and without damage.

  • Use plenty of wrapping paper, bubble wrap or foam to cover your clubs.
  • Use a quality Box. Most packing centers will have a box that will accommodate your clubs. can provide you with a box for a small fee.

Include a Copy of Your Quote
Make sure to include a copy of your quote in your box with your return address and desired method of payment.

The FedEx website is a great resource for finding a drop off location.

Ship Clubs To:
3537 Cliff View Loop
Weatherford, Tx., 76087

How We Pay

We want to make the payment process as easy and fast as possible. We will work with you on any combination of the pay methods so that you feel comfortable with the process. Some methods take longer to clear and some have fees associated with them , so check the fee structure or just ask us if you are not sure.

Methods of Payment:

  1. We will UPS you a company check. UPS cost will be deducted unless your order is over $500.00.
  2. Regular mail company check.
  3. Pay Pal -- we will send you money via PayPal (